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Acceptable quality limit as defined in ISO 2859 part 1

Agent/non-manufacturing service provider

A company that facilitates trade between a manufacturer or broker and their customer through the provision of services, but does not at any point own or take title to the goods.

Assembly packer

A business that assembles a collection of two or more market-ready finished consumer products into outer packaging for sale as a single product. These companies do not manufacture any of the component products, which are supplied to them for the assembly into the final pack.


The procedure by which an authoritative body gives formal recognition of the competence of a Certification Body to provide certification services against a specified Standard.


A known component of food which causes physiological reactions due to an immunological response, e.g. nuts and others identified in legislation relevant to the country of production or sale. Allergens defined by the EU are: and the list of EU allergens then follows

Announced audit

An audit where the company agrees the scheduled audit day in advance with the certification body.

Assembly packing

A process that assembles a collection of two or more market-ready finished products into outer packaging for sale as single product. Companies undertaking this process do not manufacture any of the component products, but are supplied with them for assembly into the final pack.


A systematic examination to measure compliance of practices with a predetermined system, whether the system is implemented effectively and is suitable to achieve objectives, carried out by certified bodies.

Audit level

The product group level agreed between the company and the certification body as the criteria for the audit and certification. This shall not be lower than the product with the highest product group within the scope of the audit.


A person possessing the appropriate competence and skills to carry out an audit.


To collect a load following delivery of products for return to the distribution depot or warehouse.


A discrete quantity of products made using the same operation and raw materials (alternative term is ‘lot’).

Bill of materials

List of the materials used, including component parts in the make-up of a product.

Brand owner

The owner of a brand logo or name who places the said logo or name on to retail products.

Branded product

Products bearing the logo, copyright or address of a company that is not a retailer.


A company which purchases or ‘takes title to’ products for resale to businesses, e.g. manufacturers, retailers or food service companies, but not to the ultimate consumer.

Business continuity

A framework that enables an organisation to plan and respond to incidents of business interruption in order to continue business operations at an acceptable predetermined level.

Calendar day

Includes both working days and weekends but excludes periods of legal public holiday of the country in which the site and/or certification body is located.


A set of operations that establish, under specified conditions, the relationship between values of quantities indicated by a measuring instrument or measuring system, or values represented by a material measure or reference material, and the corresponding values realised by standards.

Certificate suspension

Revocation of certification for a given period, pending remedial action on the part of the company.

Certificate withdrawal

Where certification is revoked. Certification may only be regained following successful completion of the full audit process.


The procedure by which an accredited certification body, based on an audit and assessment of a company’s competence, provides written assurance that a company conforms to a standard’s requirements.

Certification body

Provider of certification services, accredited to do so by an authoritative body and registered with the BRC.


A group of requirements and statement of intent that a site must comply with in order to achieve certification.

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