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Extension to scope audit
7:55AM 30 July 2018
Hi, can I ask if anyone has had an extension to scope audit for S&D and if so does this have to be carried out by the existing certification body?  Also is there a checklist for extension to scope audits?  Thanks,  Samantha
From: Karen Betts
2:57PM 2 August 2018
Hi Samantha. The Certifying Body owns the certificate, so only they can make alterations to it, so yes it needs to be carried out by the existing certification body. There is a report format that the CB needs to use although this isn't a specific 'checklist' as the extension to scope visit will vary depending on the changes that need to be made. Hope that helps
Distribution without the Storage Element
From: steadma
1:43PM 26 July 2018
I have a client previously accredited to S & D that has now removed the storage element of their business and thus has become a Distribution/Transport company only. Can they still continue with accreditation to the standard? I believe that they can after consulting the standard and interpretation guide but your thoughts from any one experienced in this area would be most interesting!
From: steadma
2:38PM 27 July 2018
Thanks Conway Bailey Transport for your feedback. Good to know and will pass this on to my client!
From: Conway Bailey Transport
2:13PM 27 July 2018
We are a transport only BRC Member and apart from having to get clarification on product recall section no problems with Audit process.