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Issue 5 - what should change or be improved for Issue 6?
From: Joanna Griffiths
2:27PM 8 August 2018
Issue 6 is currently in development. What doesn't work in Issue 5, or what could work better? What works well? Are there key themes in industry that we should be looking at? 
From: iriszhang
10:16PM 12 August 2018
We're just starting to go through the accreditation process, so it's interesting to see what's included in the standard and how we can comply.  One thing that has caused us discussion, is the traceability of inks.  The standard requires 'all raw materials', a little flexibility based on risk would be good here, as it seems to be a industry wide/ global discussion point on the forums, to what is the real food safety risk and likelihood of a recall taking place because of inks.

I really like the use of risk assessments to show whether something is required or not, and request that stays.  It does help differentiate between the packaging standard and food standard.  
From: JudyR
3:42PM 16 August 2018
I agree with your comments. I suggest that issue 6 reflects the requirement for risk based decisions regarding the traceability of raw materials. 
Sharps Control - Loose Items
From: iriszhang
10:24PM 12 August 2018
In the sharps control section (, it says no loose fastenings, such as drawing pins and staples.  Would an auditor consider magnetic buttons used on noticeboards as a loose fastenings?  It is a loose fastening, but it's not a sharp?  

Many thanks