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Seasonal or intermittent production

A product produced on a site that is opened specifically for the duration of the short-term production (typically 6 months or less) during a 12-month cycle.

Seasonal production site

A product harvested and processed on a site that is opened specifically for the duration of the short term of that harvest (typically 12 weeks or less) during a 12-month cycle.

Secondary packaging

Packaging that is used to collate and transport sales units to the retail environment, e.g. corrugated case.

Senior management

Those with strategic/high-level operational responsibility for the company and the capability to authorise the financial or human resources necessary for the implementation of the Standard.


Signifies a requirement to comply with the contents of the clause.


Signifies that compliance with the contents of the clause is expected or desired.


A unit of a company; the entity which is audited and which is the subject of the audit report and certificate. A site may be made up of more than one premises within a location. For distribution this will be the address from which vehicles operate.

Skin contact

Product in intimate contact with the skin for more than 30 minutes at one use. Examples include face paints and lingerie. Products handled during use such as books, keyboards etc. are not included in this description.

Specific legislation

Product-specific legislative requirements in the country where the product will be sold.


An explicit or detailed description of a material, product or service.


Company or person requesting the product or service.


Brand owners, certification bodies, enforcement agencies, consumers, suppliers, manufacturers or others with a bona fide interest in the Standard.

Standard, the
Stock reconciliation

The process by which the location and quantity of raw material, intermediate and finished product is identified and matched to product schedules and quantities.


A firm, company or individual carrying out a process on products on behalf of the site being certificated to this Standard.


The person, firm, company or other entity to which a site’s purchase order to supply is addressed.


Where certification is revoked for a given period, pending remedial action on the part of the company.

Technical dossier

A collection of technical documents which together form the technical specification and product conformity information on a specific product.

Tertiary packaging

Also known as transport packaging, used to facilitate the handling and transport of products, e.g. pallets and stretchwrap.


A technical operation that consists of the determination of one or more characteristics of a given product, process or service following a specific procedure and against an agreed requirement.


Ability to trace and follow raw materials, components and products, through all stages of receipt, production, processing and distribution both forwards and backwards.


A direct transfer of goods from one vehicle or container to another.


An identified pattern of results.

Unannounced audit

An audit undertaken on a date unknown to the company in advance.


The person or organisation who requests information from the company regarding certification.

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