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Meeting the customer’s specification and expectation.

Quantity check/mass balance

A reconciliation of the amount of incoming raw material against the amount used in the resulting finished products, also taking into account process waste and rework.

Quantity control

Check on amount of product in the consumer pack. May be related to weight, volume, number of pieces, size etc.


The status given to any material or product set aside while awaiting confirmation of its suitability for intended use or sale.

Raw material

Any base material or semi-finished material used by the organisation for the manufacture of a product.

Ready-to-cook food

Food designed by the manufacturer as requiring cooking or other processing effective to eliminate or reduce to an acceptable level micro-organisms of concern.

Ready-to-eat food

Food intended by the manufacturer for direct human consumption without the need for cooking or other processing, effective to eliminate or reduce to an acceptable level micro-organisms of concern.

Ready-to-reheat food

Food designed by the manufacturer as suitable for direct human consumption without the need for cooking, but which may benefit in organoleptic quality from some warming prior to consumption.

Recognised laboratory accreditation

Laboratory accreditation schemes that have gained national and international acceptance, awarded by a competent body and recognised by government bodies or users of the Standard, e.g. ISO 17025 or equivalents.

Recycled material

Material that has been reprocessed from recovered [reclaimed] material by means of a manufacturing process and made into a final product or into a component for incorporation into goods or services.

Reference sample

Agreed product or components for referral by the manufacturer for production.


Those statements comprising a clause with which compliance will allow sites to be certificated.

Retail brand

A trademark, logo, copyright or address of a retailer.

Retailer-branded products

Products bearing a retailer’s logo, copyright, address or ingredients used to manufacture within retailer’s premises are products that are legally regarded as the responsibility of the retailer.


A business selling products to the public by retail.

Retained production sample

Representative product or components taken from a production run and securely held for future reference.


Cleaning and/or refurbishing an old product to be used again


The likelihood of occurrence of harm from a hazard.

Risk analysis

A process consisting of three components: risk assessment, risk management and risk communication.

Risk assessment

The identification, evaluation and estimation of the levels of risk involved in a process to determine an appropriate control process.

Root cause

The underlying cause of a problem, which, if adequately addressed, will prevent a recurrence of that problem.


Freedom from unacceptable risk or harm.

Sampling plan

A documented plan defining the number of samples to be selected, the acceptance or rejection criteria and the statistical confidence of the result.

Satellite depot

A warehouse/distribution site receiving products only from another site within the same company.


A tabulated statement giving details of actions and/or timings.

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