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Hub depot

A storage and distribution site receiving products from external companies and supplying products to other depots within the company’s own distribution network (see satellite depot).

Hygiene-sensitive product

Those products intended for human consumption or that will come into close contact with the body, such as application to the skin, or are intended for infants.


All measures necessary to ensure the wholesomeness, quality and safety of an entity that might otherwise be hazardous.

Identity preserved

A product which has a defined origin or purity characteristic which needs to be retained throughout the food chain (e.g. through traceability and protection from contamination).


A company facilitating the movement of products across an international border. Usually the first recipient of the products in that country.


An event that has occurred that may result in the production or supply of unsafe, illegal or non-conforming products.


A child under 36 months.

Initial audit

The BRC audit at a company/site which is not in possession of a valid BRC certificate. This may be the first audit at a site or a subsequent audit of a site whose certification has lapsed.

Injury: serious (major)

2–15% incapacity. Usually irreversible and requiring hospital treatment (e.g. serious cuts, loss of finger or toe, damage to sight, damage to hearing).

Injury: slight (minor)

< 2% incapacity. Usually reversible and not requiring hospital treatment.

Injury: (very serious)

> 15% incapacity. Usually irreversible and requiring hospital treatment (e.g. serious injury to internal organs, loss of limbs, loss of sight, loss of hearing, acute poisoning).


A systematic examination involving professional judgement to determine acceptability against a specified standard.

Internal audit

General process of audit, for all the activity of the company. Conducted by or on behalf of the company for internal purposes.


A device which, in whole or in part, penetrates inside the body, either through a body orifice or through the surface of the body. For the purposes of this standard ‘invasive’ does not include products entering the mouth or outer ear for periods of less than 30 minutes continuous use. A surgically invasive device is a device which penetrates inside the body through the surface of the body, with the aid or in the context of a surgical operation.

Job description

A list of the responsibilities for a given position at a company.

Key staff

Those staff whose activities affect the safety, legality and quality of the finished product.


In compliance with the Law. In the place of production and in the countries where the product (s) is/are intended to be sold.


The geographical area within which individual premises reside in order to be classed as a single site for auditing purposes (i.e. a radius of 1 hour or 50 km from the usual place of work of the management team).

Loose/open food

Food ingredients or finished products that are unwrapped or not stored in packaging that is designed to protect the product when it is sold to the consumer, e.g. trays of fresh produce, meat carcasses.


See definition of ‘batch’.

Low-risk area

An area where the processing or handling of foods presents minimum risk of product contamination or growth of micro-organisms, or where the subsequent processing or preparation of the product by the consumer will ensure product safety.

Mandatory standard

Standard which must be met to demonstrate legal compliance with the law in a country or region.


A company that produces product from raw materials and/or components and packs the product into retail units or supplies product in bulk to a packing company that packs the product into retail units. A packer that packs product into retail units from bulk-supplied material can also be classed as a ‘manufacturer’.


indicates a requirement or text which provides guidance but is not mandatory for compliance to the Standard


Materials which have structured components with at least one dimension less than 100 nm.

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