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Cleaning in place (CIP)

The process of cleaning and sanitising food processing equipment in its assembled position without the need for dismantling and cleaning the individual parts.


A person or organization using the services of a professional person or company.

Codex Alimentarius Commission

A body responsible for establishing internationally recognised standards, codes of practice and guidelines, of which HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is one standard.


The entity with legal ownership of the site which is being audited against the BRC Global Standard.


Demonstrable ability to apply skill, knowledge and understanding of a task or subject to achieve intended results.


Meeting the regulatory or customer requirements concerning product safety, legality and quality.


The end user of the finished product, commodity or service

Consumer product management system

All systems related to product hazard and risk processes, which determine and control product safety, legality and quality.

Consumer products

Non-food products normally bought by or supplied to private consumers for personal or household use. And included within the scope of the BRC Consumer Products Standard


Introduction or occurrence of an unwanted organism, taint or substance to packaging, food or the food environment. Contamination includes physical, chemical, biological and allergen contamination.

Contract packer

A company that packages the final product into consumer packaging.

Contractor or supplier

A person or organisation providing services or materials.


To manage the conditions of an operation to maintain compliance with established criteria, and/or the state wherein correct procedures are being followed and criteria are being met.

Control measure

Any action or activity that can be used to prevent or eliminate a product safety hazard or reduce it to an acceptable level.

Controlled document

A document which is identifiable and for which revisions and removal from use can be tracked. The document is issued to identified individuals and their receipt of the document is recorded.


A thermal process designed to heat a food item to a minimum of 70°C for 2 minutes or equivalent.

Corrective action

Action to eliminate the cause of a detected non-conformity

Critical control point (CCP)

A step at which control can be applied and is essential to prevent or eliminate a food or product safety hazard or reduce it to an acceptable level.


Material is unloaded at distribution premises, and handled, but not formally put away into storage. This may be a staging area where inbound materials are sorted, consolidated, and temporarily stored until the outbound shipment is complete and ready to ship.


A business or person to whom a service or product has been provided, either as a finished product or as a component part of the finished product.

Customer focus

A structured approach to determining and addressing the needs of an organisation to which the company supplies products and which may be measured by the use of performance indicators.


See calendar day.


The point at which the product leaves the factory site or is no longer the responsibility of the company.


The transportation of goods within any container (goods on the move) by road, rail, air or ship.

End consumer

The ultimate consumer of a foodstuff, who will not use the food as part of any food-business operation or activity.

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